About Anae Campbell

Anae Campbell has been here since the Roswell Incident—she was born in 1945 in Roswell. Her daddy was a preacher and her momma was a nurse. She grew up mostly in New Mexico and Wyoming, many times under the care of friends and parishioners. At the age of three, she was put into the first iron lung in New Mexico with severe polio and meningitis. She lived without her parents during this time as they were in her hometown far from the hospital working for a living.

She led an interesting life with a daddy she adored who suffered from tuberculosis and a momma who was less than nurturing and caring, to put it nicely. As one might imagine she has many stories to tell.

Anae's Bio

In 1966, Anae’s oldest daughter was born and Anae began her journey as a mother.
In 1987, her baby girl left this world to teach Anae of spirit.




In 1968, Anae’s only son, born with cerebral palsy, began her journey of learning the physical. This is where her passion to heal him became her career and life’s work.

Anae's Bio



In 1975, the experience of the inner-world of the emotional and mental state was born via her youngest daughter.
That would be me telling you her story at this moment.



So let us step back a moment to 1968: Anae took a traumatic fall down a set of stairs while pregnant and subsequently went into labor. Her son was born, two months prematurely, with cerebral palsy a condition that went undiagnosed until he was three. He was born without heels and Anae was told that her son would never walk, never speak, and never even be able to feed himself. She was told to put him in a home and forget about him. Anae shares, “This was long before we knew that the brain itself can change, grow, and heal.” Thus began the young mother’s long quest to change his life, her life, and later thousands of others. She studied and experimented with many disciplines, beginning with nutrition and continuing on to physical healing arts like CranioSacral Therapy. The turning point for her was Neuro Linguistic Programming, providing the understanding and technique for building new neural pathways that accelerated her son’s healing dramatically. Anae said, “NLP gave me a context for understanding how stories affect the brain. From the social ostracism and defamation we had experienced, I had learned a lot about how the mind creates stories and believes them to be true. My son did not fit those stories. We endured them and refused to accept the labels put upon him. So we wrote a new story.”

Conventional medicine had no answers for her, so she embraced learning everything she could by taking classes, workshops, and seminars. Anae has been quoted saying, “I was a workshop junkie for 20 or more years, and I guess I still am; I attend all of them I teach.”

The first workshop she ever took she states, “I wanted to learn something about personality traits so I took handwriting analysis. It was the first place I learned that how you are has nothing to do with me. This was 1969, my teacher was a handwriting analyst for the Dallas Police Department. Her job really brought it home to me that handwriting was important.”

She reminisces about the one workshop she will never forget, “There was once a teacher known as the Tooth Fairy, no joke, $25 for an all day class on Saturday in Alchemy. This Saturday I was introduced to my true self. From this point forward, I had this statement placed on all my business cards and still do: ‘The lead that once seemed to weigh us down and keep us from rising into joy is transmuted into the gold of good that reflects the light of Heaven.’ Out of some weird irony 10 years later, I asked the printer to make my job title Alchemist. I never connected until the cards arrived in the mail that my quote meant Alchemy. An ‘Ah Ha’ moment for sure.”

Her most influential workshop, “Technical Remote Viewing was the most influential training of all of my 53 something workshops because it pulled everything I had learned together. In addition, it revealed my purpose. It taught me to weave the tapestry.”

I asked her about the worst class just for balance sake, “The worst class I ever took was my Bach Flower certification, the teacher’s name was Leslie. I often go to a class and I am there on purpose not for the learning of that particular class. I went to this class with the expectation of a holy man, and he was NOT so holy. All but two, including myself, of the 140 students asked for their money back— the class was so bad.”

Her resume is chalk full of amazing and diverse careers, but everything always led her back to health and wellness. In the 1980’s, Anae owned and operated a health food store in the Houston area for 9 years and was an herbal consultant to almost 70 health food stores in the surrounding area. In addition, Anae has proven, with 30 plus years of experience, to be a brilliant developer and formulator of healing and healthy supplements for people, cattle, many horses, and a few dogs too.

Sadly during the subsequent flash flooding from Hurricane Dolly in 2008 all of Anae’s certifications and diplomas were destroyed by mold and water damage. She shares her feelings, just naming their names, as she lists her mentors and the many amazing people she was privileged enough to sit at their feet. These people helped her to become the amazing healer and teacher that she is today. With their knowledge and her vast ability she has created her life’s work, called Neuro Integration…this is her legacy.

“I feel incredibly blessed, honored, and privileged to have studied with the greats of the alternative and complementary health field, many of which are my spirit guides in my intuitive healing: Victor Beasley, Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Bernhard Jenson, Dr. Andrija Puharich, Dr. George Merkl, Frank Natale, Joseph Campbell, Don Campbell, Hanna Kroeger, Dr. Hazel Parcells, Bearheart, Dr. Edward Wallace Campbell Jr., and Nickolette Campbell. And of course, the fabulous and still with us, Jean Houston.

And then there was Alice…”


“The training I resonate most with is my Native American Medicine it is my reverence.”Bear Heart

Bearheart: Marcus Williams (1918-2008)

Lindy S.


This week I experienced a very real and painful, horrible physical manifestation of the addiction and pain I chose to exist in. Enough so that I was bed ridden, I felt like I was beat to a bloody pulp physically, and on a cellular level. My body was in crisis, I was open to an integration and my wife, Renee was a willing vessel to do the integration with me. I made a different choice and let go of my addiction to unworthiness and misery, and chose worthiness and joy!! I am happy and grateful for The clarity I now have! It's been there the whole time, I just never chose it! Thank you for sharing your heart and soul, your knowledge and for choosing the path you have!! I love you!!! YES, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady J.

Neuro Astrology changed my life.  My sister was trying to convince me I was bi-polar. Although no doctor ever had said that, I was wondering if they had missed something because I really did have super energetic days and then very passive days.  Neuro Astrology told me that I had two signs in my chart, Libra and Leo.  What a pair, Libra the most passive and Leo the most exuberant.  Well that settled that and I can now live comfortably in this body going about the business of Life.   Thank you Anae for introducing me to this wonderful tool.   Many clients of mine have also benefited.


Thanks again for all the work you do. I know you are not getting rich from your work. I wish you would; you deserve it. I know you are passionate about
what you do and that shows. I wish I was passionate about my work. I wish I felt that it was important and helping others. I don't and it doesn't. Your
work is clearly changing peoples lives in a very positive way.

I am truly grateful for your work beyond words. There is not even a doubt in my mind that Kevin will achieve to maximum ability in life now. Until a few
short months ago I was convinced that Kevin would be limited in life by his neurological disorder. That fear has truly left my mind. As a father, I can't
possibly put into perspective just what that means to me. I better close as tears are welling up in my eyes and I am at the office.

Sincerely! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!"


~Carol Stall, Dallas, TX

Anae is one of my premier bodywork and spiritual teachers and a close personal friend as well. Our friendship developed as we discovered many
parallel and virtually identical experiences throughout our lives, and, more importantly, we share the same vision and purpose for our lives. I respect
Anae as a superb teacher, an immensely knowledgeable woman, a very powerful woman, an authentic, honest, and ethical person, and someone who not only
talks the talk and walks the walk, but lives the Life. She is relentless in her efforts to assist the healing process in every person whose life she
touches, and she insists that each of us accept responsibility for our own health. She sees the Divine in each and every person.



I can honestly say that Anae has affected our lives more than any other
person we've ever known. The work we've done with her over the last 11 years
has dramatically improved our marriage, made us better parents, freed us so
that we can experience the joy in life, given us direction, taught us to live
in love instead of fear, and given us the strength and courage to follow our
own paths. She is a healer, teacher, guide, counselor, coach, cheerleader,
friend, and "Mom." She is the loving "kick in the pants" we all need in our
lives, and the only example I've ever known of true unconditional love.


~D. Solomon, TX

It is my privilege to have known Anae Campbell for the last twenty years.
She is the person who turned my life around. She has patiently and
compassionately led me down the path to physical and spiritual wholeness.

Anae's vast intelligence and knowledge is ahead of her time. Her truth in
love is uncompromisingly that of highest source consciousness.

She is that person we all want to know who knows what she is talking about,
'walks her talk' and who really is what love is all about.

~Dee Solomon, San Antonio, TX

~Juli B.

Anae Campbell has been the best teacher I have even had the privilege to work
with. For me she has been the gentle guiding hand in a hard world. I know that
she can be very strong when needed and the most gentle and compassionate
person at other times. With the experiences of her life she knows how life
feels. She's been there and back.



Who Anae is to me? I consider Anae to be honest and direct in her approach to
me and my "being". I trust her intelligence and caring to be about my highest


~Katie Semones

Is the source of our emotional pain or depression in the present instead of twenty or thirty years ago?  “We may be depressed partly because this is the soul’s reaction to the mourning and grieving that we’re not consciously doing.”  Hillman 2016

Possibly, we are not doing enough to stop the destruction of our world, of nature, of cities, of whole groups of people and of ourselves.  We are unable to be openly loving and living a happy life because of some perceived harm that was done to us years ago.  What causes our grief?  What is this missing puzzle piece?

The piece of puzzle that mends together our past and present, rests in the work and knowledge of Anae Campbell.  Anae brings to our consciousness clarity that facilitates wellness, wisdom that clearly identifies and then shifts our pain.  Through her articulate descriptions and understanding, she presents material and wisdom that moves our childhood issues or past trauma out of our present thoughts.  Anae’s wisdom steps into soothe areas of confusion.  It’s the big A-HAH-Moment!

Afterward, our daily living, and thought process gains a new awareness.  We begin to live consciously in the loving present moment and have more profound experiences, meaningful relationships, and the ability to accept the miracles of a happy life.

Gone are the years of prolonged psychotherapy and re-living past trauma.  Welcome the new stage of clarity by understanding made simple!  The missing puzzle piece, Anae Campbell’s life changing wisdom that feels good too!


With love,
Katie Semones