Combo Coconut & MCT Oil Pack


Combo Coconut & MCT Oil Pack

One each of:

Coconut Oil Supreme™

MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme™

Get both oils for a reduced rate and free shipping included.

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Coconut Oil Supreme is the same quality of oil that would be found in a fresh, growing coconut.

This is pharmaceutical grade coconut oil.
The oil and water are separated at a molecular level; there are no impurities in the oil, whatsoever.  No minerals, no water-soluble vitamins, no proteins, no amino acids, no sugars, etc.  Only fat-soluble vitamins and lipids are present.

Because we can get the retained moisture down to 0.03%, the oil cannot hydrolyze, making for pure oil.

MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme is as tasty as it is because it is made with Coconut Oil Supreme.

In order to increase the levels of caprylic and capric acid, we are blending Coconut Oil Supreme with nutraceutical grade coconut oil that has been fractionated using steam distillation.  No palm oil is used.  MCT Nutri-Oil is 100% coconut oil.

MCT Nutri-Oil, because of the fatty acid profile, is not indicated for culinary applications due to the lower smoke point, but it can be safely added to hot food or hot beverages without any concern. If you want to cook with coconut oil, get our pure high-grade coconut oil.

The increased levels of caprylic and capric acid in the MCT Nutri-Oil are what makes it stay liquid at room temperature.

MCT Nutri-Oil is a better value, for nutritional supplementation; containing 85% MCT versus the 66% MCT that Coconut Oil Supreme contains.