MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme


MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme™

2- 16 Ounce Bottles

In order to increase the levels of caprylic and capric acid, we are blending Coconut Oil Supreme with nutraceutical grade coconut oil that has been fractionated using steam distillation.  No palm oil is used.    MCT Nutri-Oil is 100% coconut oil.

MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme is as tasty as it is because it is made with Coconut Oil Supreme.

Also available in a Combo Pack.


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MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme™

A premium MCT formulation derived from Coconut Oil Supreme™ and fractionated coconut oil providing approximately 85% medium chain triglycerides.

Because MCT requires no bile salts to be digested like long chain triglycerides, they are easier to absorb and digest and for the body to utilize because they can be metabolized quickly and easily by the liver into units of cellular energy which are called alpha-keto acids. This means that almost anyone can digest and utilize medium chain triglycerides.

AlcheMystery’s MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme™ was developed with over 4 times as much capric acid, and over 3 times as much caprylic and capric acid as would be found in the natural state of coconut oil, MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme™ will be vastly superior in regard to antifungal and antiviral applications. With almost 20% lauric acid, there will be ample quantities of monolaurin which will exert antibacterial and anti-parasitic influence.

MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme™ Benefits:

Treatment for malabsorption disorders.

Weight loss

Appetite control

Supply of healthy fats

MCT Nutri-Oil Supreme™ Promising research when included with a ketogenic diet for:

Neurodegenerative disorders


Parkinson’s diseases


Indications and warnings:

Although this oil is not indicated for use as a cooking oil, it is perfect for adding after preparation to hot foods or beverages, or into cold foods such as salad dressing or smoothies. It can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. Medium chain triglycerides are safe in high doses however you can eat too much too fast, causing a sensation of transient nausea. If this should occur, start slow with small doses and spread evenly through the day until you build a tolerance to it. Three tablespoons a day (one tablespoon with each meal) is a good target amount for the largest dose if desired.

If you would like oil you can cook with Coconut Oil is available here.

Also available in a Combo Pack.