Neuro Integration Training

Neuro Integration Training is a progression of three levels. Each level is a building block of the last. The following is the contents of each level and a brief description of the integrations.


  • What is a Neuron? What are synapses? Can you choose what you want in your brain?
  • 14 Point Integration: balancing the day to day stress on the mind/body. Also, an energizer.
  • Physical Integration: getting the mind and body to communicate in a meaningful way for the physical body itself.
  • Emotional-Chemical Integration: disengaging the toxic chemicals from the mind and body, therefore cleansing the reactions from the physical tissue and emotions.
  • 20 Point Anxiety Integration: turning down the volume of anxiety one experiences when in stress. Allows one to become themselves instead of the stress or anxiety.
  • Emotional Integration: aligning the emotional brain with the person. Turning on the inner connections for the emotional brain to the frontal and the reptilian brain.


  • Which part of the brain seems to own you? How to get in charge of your life.
  • Vise Versa Integration: assisting the emotional brain in making a decision and calming the quick change from one side of reaction to another. Taking charge of the emotional highs and lows.
  • Phlegmatic Integration: bringing a person into the excitement of their life. Leaving fatigue and the “giving up” feeling behind.
  • Hormone Balance Integration: asking the body to come into balance with its hormonal self.
  • Sensitivity Offload Integration: this integration is a 20 point plus. Allows a person to literally forget a specific problem that they can identify which is causing stress or anxiety.
  • Ancestral Integration: any integration can be for and about all the relatives that put one together. Stopping the firing of the brain on a problem in the family (for instance, I would like my body to not manifest high blood pressure).
  • Physical Damage Integration: getting the brain to stop it’s over firing on damage done in the physical body. Great assistant in pain relief.
  • Metal DeTox Integration: boosts  release of metals, chemicals and elements that may be causing ill health.
  • Charts are provided for any of the integrations, to target specific parts of the body that may have difficulty healing.


  • Providing new information about nervous system and brain science; exciting knowledge about the brain being able to change and grow.
  • Anterior or Posterior Internal Emotions Firing: specific points for enhancing the communication of the whole system of mind/body connection on the internal basis.
  • Anterior and Posterior External Emotional Firing: specific points for enhancing the communication of the whole system of mind/body connection on the external basis.
  • Self Destruction Integration: how to stop the sabotage in the everyday life.
  • Respiratory Integration: encourages proper breathing and oxygen flow.
  • Overnight Emotional Process: assists the client to disconnect from old inherited rulers.
  • De-Creating Old Belief Systems: a way to learn how to live your own life and not that one dictated to you from somewhere or someone else.
  • Expansive Change Integration: expanding the mind into a bigger world. Taking the sides off the box.