Story of AlcheMystery

The Story of AlcheMystery

“The lead that once seemed to weigh us down and keep us from rising into joy is transmuted into the gold of good that reflects the light of Heaven.” As an alchemist, this quote is Anae’s philosophy and occupation. She strives to help people turn their “lead” (pain, trauma, and disease, mental, emotional, and physical unrest) into “gold” (joy, happiness, freedom, health and wellness for mind, body and spirit).©2013 ~Anti-Pati-ya reduced publish

What most people know about “Alchemy” comes from the religious sects proclaiming it to be the work of witches and mad scientists. In truth, Alchemy was the predecessor of chemistry; it was a science whereby the scientist tried to transform any base metal into gold and later working to discover a life-prolonging elixir, and a cure for disease.

Alchemy’s roots were an exploration of nature using common traditions, old wives tales, mysticism, magic, basic observations, and rules of thumb. Alchemists used tools of modern science long before there were any set rules of “scientific observation.” One of their goals was to find an elixir or cure of all disease, which during medieval times was desperately needed to fight plagues, unknown diseases, and things such as syphilis. One such cure for syphilis would be the very reason that alchemy fell into such disrepute; Alchemists often sold liquid mercury – which at its highest potency can be lethal, and its lowest potency can cause neurological damage. Alchemists also fell out of science because they never separated themselves from the paranormal, superstitious, supernatural, and the magical; as science actually progressed and broadened their approach to healing, alchemy lost its reputation. Still, some of the basic principles of alchemy exist in today’s science. Aristotle believed any element had a sphere to which it belonged and to which it would return if left undisturbed. Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton were both alchemists who made major contributions to science. The original alchemists were amazing in their own right, according to the times they lived in; thus, proving that we are only as skilled as our current knowns allow us to be.

Mystery – a profound secret; something wholly unknown, or something kept cautiously concealed, and therefore exciting curiosity or wonder; or anything artfully made difficult; an enigma [As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, 1998].

At AlcheMystery, our goal of alchemy is defined best as the miraculous power of transforming something common into something precious. It is our goal also to bring intellect and knowledge to the table rather than staying in unconsciousness and human ignorance’s.

One might ask, “How does this information about alchemy and mystery have anything to do with AlcheMystery?” Well as I lay awake one fateful night with thousands of words tumbling through my mind searching for a new name for our company: Anae having claimed herself to be an Alchemist for many years — I wanted to incorporate this into the name — I thought of Alchemistry — respelled to add flair and intrigue — I put the two words Alchemy and Mystery together and voila` — there you have it. It was only a moment of twilight thinking in the mind of a Gemini who loves to have both.

Our definition of AlcheMystery is to transmute something common (pain, trauma, disease, discomfort, mental unrest and depressions) into something precious (happiness, healing, and energy) through a means that would seem most enigmatic to those people who are not willing to give it a chance. So if you have ever wondered why your car starts when you insert the key and turn, then maybe you would like to know why you operate the way you do.

Enjoy our site keep an open heart and an open mind as that is, ultimately, all you need.

Many Blessings,

Joli Campbell