Neuro Astrology

A New Astrology Experience

Neuro AstrologyNeuro Astrology was a labor of love, research, and Sunday coffee between Anae and Joli.  Anae brought the brain function and psychology to the conversation and Joli brought communications and astrology to the conversation.  Having learned a dream interpretation and character type work from Alvero Waterman-Lopez in the late 90’s, Joli and Anae were able to incorporate his methodology into their research and a New Astrology Experience was born…Neuro Astrology.

Neuro Astrology addresses the ability to reshape our own lives and those we care deeply about, through communication, psychology, brain function, and astrology; by giving clear and defined “how-to’s” of empowerment. You will learn how and why you think and feel the way you do.  If you have road blocks in life Neuro Astrology is your map around those blocks.

You will learn about yourself in ways you never thought possible.

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Neuro Astrology

Neuro Astrology is a compilation of research of psychology, brain function, communications, astrology, and the correlations between the four. The organization of the brain and its correlations to astrology are amazingly similar. Astrology is only a key to understanding how we think. The sun, moon, ascendant, and the mid-heaven of each person’s astrology chart, has a direct correlation to the wiring of the brain, how it is connected. This astrology is not to tell your future it is to tell your now. Astrology is a vast centuries old subject; we are narrowing that field drastically, so that anyone can understand. In a very simple, easy to understand form, Neuro Astrology teaches about you and how you think. Through knowledge, you can become empowered to change what you wish.

With Neuro Astrology you can get an inside look at your thoughts, reactions, feelings, and communication style.  You can determine where your challenges lie and what your strengths are.  You can learn how to become the best possible version of your SELF.  You can learn to let go of pain, anxiety, stress, and discord.  Most often, you are made to believe that you are your mind, you cannot change, and you identify with what it tells you to do. You believe that you have to ‘just’ live with it.  NOT TRUE.  You can change, you can connect with yourself on a higher level, and even have a spiritual awakening.

What Some of Our Clients Say About Neuro Astrology

  • “I can’t believe I can control my own life. You mean, all I have to do is tell that part of my brain to shut up!” He did and he no longer needs sleeping pills.Neuro Astrology
  • “I am so happy to receive this information…it is fantastic…it gives me freedom.”
  •  “I wish I knew this before I married…I would not have gone through the pain and abuse. If I had only known.”
  •  “I have learned more about myself in an hour than I have ever known.
  •  “How do you know how I think?”
  •  “I never knew such peace of mind, and such love. Thank you!”
  •  “Discipline! is all about the mind. Wow! Wish I had been raised like this.”
  •  “Now I know what to do with myself.”
  •  “This is fantastic; I can get along with my sister now.”
  •  “I understand my husband for the first time in 40 years, and I now know that it is his brain not me, I might get to love him.”
  •  “Why don’t they teach this in school?”
  •  “I have never even met you, how could you know that much about the way I think?”

Going Deeper into Neuro Astrology

According to Astrology we are born under the influence of the constellations, this influence is unique to you and you alone…sort of. According to science and simple observation, you are uniquely made according to genes, chromosomes, DNA and so forth. Starting the day we were born, the mind tries to dictate who we are. Until recently, we were taught to believe we had to live with what we were given. Neuro Astrology is here to give you a choice and show you that you are not hard wired to be what your mind says or what your parents said. We have the divine right to change who we “think” we are and become truly, who we are meant to be. Just as a person who was born in an alcoholic family can make a choice not to be an alcoholic, you too, can make a choice to be different from what you were given at birth.

Science has about caught up, it now says the brain cells replace, heal and grow themselves. Your outside world is in direct reflection to your mind and the brain hardware. How you decorate your home is a reflection of how you decorate your mind. An old Zen saying states: a messy house is a messy mind.  Just look around you, what do you see? Our behavior is in direct reflection to our reactive state of mind. We are not living when we are in reaction. We are stuck in a previous experience, most of the time protecting it and denying the feelings we do not know how to heal. How do we love ourselves? With understanding of how to take the curse and make it a blessing we create, self love and learn great compassion for others. A great teacher said, “To love our neighbor as unto ourselves.”

Learn how to love yourself.

You are not your mind.

If you are still living and breathing then your purpose on this planet is not yet fulfilled. The choice is yours, how you live your life. What we all share as human beings is the choice to fulfill our goals at a soul level so that we are the difference. In life when you are acting from a space of unloving, uncaring, selfish, mean, or any derogatory behavior you are in Fear. If you are coming from the opposition loving, caring, happy, joyful, patient, calm, concerned, respectful and any other positive behaviors you are in a soul level of Love. To come from those pure intentions you must first understand how you think, why you think the way you do, why that thinking dictates how you act, how you communicate, and how you react to the world. This understanding allows you to change your behavior. You may have been born a certain way — but you and you alone are responsible for who you are while you are here on this planet.

The mind is our software – it can be changed, upgraded, deleted and rewritten. The Brain is our hardware – it can be changed, upgraded, reshaped and rebuilt. Become your unique loving living Self.

What Clients and Practitioners of Neuro Astrology say about the work.

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