Kristen P., MS, RD, LMT

My dad and I took the Neuro Integration classes from you in Ohio. My dad loved the work so much that he memorized most of the protocols...
On March 3, he had a left hemisphere ischemic stroke that affected his pons, speech, and movement centers. He is still in the hospital and currently doesn't talk or have movement on his right side.
Last week, I started doing neuro integration with him and he immediately started showing signs of more alertness and coordination. He has started to purposefully respond to questions...using appropriate hand and facial expressions. My family and I are thrilled.

Lindy S.


This week I experienced a very real and painful, horrible physical manifestation of the addiction and pain I chose to exist in. Enough so that I was bed ridden, I felt like I was beat to a bloody pulp physically, and on a cellular level. My body was in crisis, I was open to an integration and my wife, Renee was a willing vessel to do the integration with me. I made a different choice and let go of my addiction to unworthiness and misery, and chose worthiness and joy!! I am happy and grateful for The clarity I now have! It's been there the whole time, I just never chose it! Thank you for sharing your heart and soul, your knowledge and for choosing the path you have!! I love you!!! YES, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady J.

Neuro Astrology changed my life.  My sister was trying to convince me I was bi-polar. Although no doctor ever had said that, I was wondering if they had missed something because I really did have super energetic days and then very passive days.  Neuro Astrology told me that I had two signs in my chart, Libra and Leo.  What a pair, Libra the most passive and Leo the most exuberant.  Well that settled that and I can now live comfortably in this body going about the business of Life.   Thank you Anae for introducing me to this wonderful tool.   Many clients of mine have also benefited.


As a subtle energy practitioner for the past 16 years, I have encountered and worked with many elixirs, essences, and essential oils. Of all, the “Amida” is of the highest quality and frequency.

I have used “Amida” on myself and my clients and profound experiences have occurred. Aside from “Amida’s” efficacy, it simply smells divine!



WOW! Your manifestation oil is something so dear to me. I've been working with it for a few days now and fully clear on what I needed and it just happened! I am shaking; I am so happy and grateful. What just came to be happened with such ease and grace that it could be nothing more then a gift. WOW...I just can't explain to you how I feel right now. Your AMIDA oil is something very special. I want every single one of my clients to have this as a gift from me to them. THANK YOU!!! You rock!!!!!!!!!


~Nicky Hamid

Amida Essence Oil was created to exemplify this statement:

"The Universe is totally benevolent. The law we have been seeing as the Law of Karma is really the Law of Manifestation. As you think so it becomes because you are and always have been a creator. What you believe becomes what you experience. The Universe knows only one thing with regards to you and that is, to give you what you desire, what you believe is possible, and what confirms how you experience yourself. The universe can only say “YES” to you no matter what you ask for, what you mirror or project. One way or another the universe will provide you with the experiences that confirm your view of yourself, your alignment with your reality, whatever you identify with."

~Nicky Hamid


Amida came today and it is DIVINE!

I can tell you already I feel the resonance of the Sacred Temples.

We often hear the words: Be still and know that I AM God. With

Amida, it goes a step beyond: Be still and know that we are God

(Goddess).... There is a collective One-ness I feel with all that is,

to the light family of Origin...our Spirit Circle, the Breath of the Divine.

Yummy! With gratitude and love,



Amida Oil is a product of remarkable power.  The scent is the most obvious aspect - all incense, aromatherapy products, etc. will pale in comparison after you've experienced this nuanced, complex scent.  The mechanism by which this opens the mind is beyond my scientific grasp, but my experience has been that the use of this product will immediately enhance or open one to a near-meditative state of

spiritual consciousness, a calm but alert sense of the fullness of the present moment. That said, a little goes a long way - one doesn't find oneself using this product all the time, but any work you do on chakras, connecting the physical body to the mental or spiritual self, or simply slowing down from the hectic pace of modern life to calm & center the spirit in the body, will be vastly aided by judicious use of this product.


~Therese Rose

I appreciate the diversity of Neuro Integration as it beautifully embraces and empowers all aspects of being.


~Victoria Savage, Idaho

I am so grateful for the gift of Neuro Integration in my life. It is the single most impactful tool I've been given, not just for my clients but for my own healing as well.


~B.G., Canada

I am a different person following the series of integrations you did with me. I am so pleased with the new way I am approaching each event of each day and how I perceive and react to challenges and even ordinary situations with others. I can see in the reactions of others to me that they too are far more comfortable in my presence and the reason is that the spirit of the Universe is readily apparent and welcoming and open to them as I want it to be.

My blockages are gone. The problems and obstacles have been removed. I am delighted as I venture forth on my path with a new approach, a new confidence in my support from the Universe and joy written large all over me.

Your work has answered my prayers.

With the deepest respect, appreciation and love THANK YOU.


~C. Stall, Dallas

Neuro-Integration is one of the two most powerful and beneficial healing systems I have ever learned in 12 years of attending advanced bodywork
seminars and workshops. Fast results and deep healing on numerous levels. Deeply transformational hands on healing. For those of you who teach yoga, this will give you a way to access healing and transformational outcomes in your private yoga students that would take them years and years of yoga
practice to obtain. I am speaking from my own experience of this work as I have received it myself.

This healing work can help children and animals as well. It is also a modality that is user friendly to the practitioner and encourages people to
participate in and take responsibility for their own healing.

Person by person it can literally change the world and how people experience their lives.


~Linda Frank, Dallas, TX

Neuro-Integration has changed my life. I am 52 years old and all of my life I have gone from one emotional drama to another or I have gone to the other
extreme of blocking my emotions, and feeling very little. NI has helped me to pay attention to what I was saying to myself in my mind and to look at the
beliefs I held about myself in relation to the world.

Once I identified self-defeating dialogue in my mind and myself I used the NI work to disengage the thing I no longer wanted to hold on to. NI has helped me to be able to make new choices for myself and change old mind-sets. It is very easy to do. The results are easy to accomplish and they last. There is no "effort" to
change the bad habits, you virtually change your brain and change your life.



Thanks again for all the work you do. I know you are not getting rich from your work. I wish you would; you deserve it. I know you are passionate about
what you do and that shows. I wish I was passionate about my work. I wish I felt that it was important and helping others. I don't and it doesn't. Your
work is clearly changing peoples lives in a very positive way.

I am truly grateful for your work beyond words. There is not even a doubt in my mind that Kevin will achieve to maximum ability in life now. Until a few
short months ago I was convinced that Kevin would be limited in life by his neurological disorder. That fear has truly left my mind. As a father, I can't
possibly put into perspective just what that means to me. I better close as tears are welling up in my eyes and I am at the office.

Sincerely! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!"


~Carol Stall, Dallas, TX

Anae is one of my premier bodywork and spiritual teachers and a close personal friend as well. Our friendship developed as we discovered many
parallel and virtually identical experiences throughout our lives, and, more importantly, we share the same vision and purpose for our lives. I respect
Anae as a superb teacher, an immensely knowledgeable woman, a very powerful woman, an authentic, honest, and ethical person, and someone who not only
talks the talk and walks the walk, but lives the Life. She is relentless in her efforts to assist the healing process in every person whose life she
touches, and she insists that each of us accept responsibility for our own health. She sees the Divine in each and every person.



I can honestly say that Anae has affected our lives more than any other
person we've ever known. The work we've done with her over the last 11 years
has dramatically improved our marriage, made us better parents, freed us so
that we can experience the joy in life, given us direction, taught us to live
in love instead of fear, and given us the strength and courage to follow our
own paths. She is a healer, teacher, guide, counselor, coach, cheerleader,
friend, and "Mom." She is the loving "kick in the pants" we all need in our
lives, and the only example I've ever known of true unconditional love.


~D. Solomon, TX

It is my privilege to have known Anae Campbell for the last twenty years.
She is the person who turned my life around. She has patiently and
compassionately led me down the path to physical and spiritual wholeness.

Anae's vast intelligence and knowledge is ahead of her time. Her truth in
love is uncompromisingly that of highest source consciousness.

She is that person we all want to know who knows what she is talking about,
'walks her talk' and who really is what love is all about.

~Dee Solomon, San Antonio, TX

~Juli B.

Anae Campbell has been the best teacher I have even had the privilege to work
with. For me she has been the gentle guiding hand in a hard world. I know that
she can be very strong when needed and the most gentle and compassionate
person at other times. With the experiences of her life she knows how life
feels. She's been there and back.



Who Anae is to me? I consider Anae to be honest and direct in her approach to
me and my "being". I trust her intelligence and caring to be about my highest


~Katie Semones

Is the source of our emotional pain or depression in the present instead of twenty or thirty years ago?  “We may be depressed partly because this is the soul’s reaction to the mourning and grieving that we’re not consciously doing.”  Hillman 2016

Possibly, we are not doing enough to stop the destruction of our world, of nature, of cities, of whole groups of people and of ourselves.  We are unable to be openly loving and living a happy life because of some perceived harm that was done to us years ago.  What causes our grief?  What is this missing puzzle piece?

The piece of puzzle that mends together our past and present, rests in the work and knowledge of Anae Campbell.  Anae brings to our consciousness clarity that facilitates wellness, wisdom that clearly identifies and then shifts our pain.  Through her articulate descriptions and understanding, she presents material and wisdom that moves our childhood issues or past trauma out of our present thoughts.  Anae’s wisdom steps into soothe areas of confusion.  It’s the big A-HAH-Moment!

Afterward, our daily living, and thought process gains a new awareness.  We begin to live consciously in the loving present moment and have more profound experiences, meaningful relationships, and the ability to accept the miracles of a happy life.

Gone are the years of prolonged psychotherapy and re-living past trauma.  Welcome the new stage of clarity by understanding made simple!  The missing puzzle piece, Anae Campbell’s life changing wisdom that feels good too!


With love,
Katie Semones

~Shannon H., California

As a long-time student of astrology, I appreciate the unique approach provided by your course.  This practical model for understanding each person and improving communication within relationships is not offered in other astrology books or programs.  Looking at the charts of my family members brought meaningful insights to the family dynamics and each person’s contribution to a complex structure.  The experience was very enjoyable due to the light-hearted presentation style.  Thank you for contributing to my inner journey and relationship skills!


~Carolyn G. Texas

I have thought about the changes from the workshop everyday with gratitude.

Thank you again as an individual and part of the dynamic Campbell Duo.

For me a part of my soul that had been a prisoner has been released.

As a partner with the Neuro Integration, as with Anae and Joli  1+1= FREEDOM.

Love, Carolyn G.

~Yvonne Zumwalt NM

I really enjoyed the "star" class that you gave.  I have not had a chance to do a whole lot with it, but I will tell you that just having the basic information has made it a lot easier to "read" people.  I think that you know what I mean.  Just knowing what their sun sign is helps with the explanations that you have put together.  I look forward to really working with all of this great information that I have accumulated.

Once again, thank you,

See you in the stars.

Love ya!!!


~S.L., Houston, TX

This class helped me understand my personal way of thinking, and my husband's way too.  My being inward directed and his being outward directed brings a real divine truth of how we accomplish things in our lives.  It has been a real blessing in my marriage to be understanding, and be able to keep judgment out of our marriage. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!


~Dee Solomon, San Antonio, TX


My chart includes 2 bulls and a lion expressing themselves!   Am I ever glad  I  learned how to direct their communication in my mind and listen to the minds of the people in my life!